Advanced Life Support Course Sponsored by Medtronic in Association with ISCAP

  • December 21, 2016 | Advanced Life Support Course Sponsored by Medtronic in Association with ISCAP

The pilot study was done, in an attempt to ascertain the “educational need” for this type of educational initiative, going forward.  Based on the success of the ACLS training, we foresee this type of training being offered by Medtronic and ISCAP as a unique and exclusive, Bi Annual educational offering to the labs in Southern Africa, where 2 x labs per year will be chosen by ISCAP to send 6 x staff members each to an ACLS course in their area, sponsored by Medtronic.

The criteria set out for someone to attend this course was as follows:

•             The candidate must be BLS trained and certified (this is a prerequisite set out by the trainers)
•             The candidate must be a dedicated, full time, cath lab staff member
•             The candidate must be a fully registered nurse (this is a prerequisite set out by the trainer)
•             The candidate must have at least 1 years’ experience working in the chosen cath lab
•             The candidate must be fully committed to furthering their career within the chosen cath lab

A pilot study was run at Life Vincent Pallotti Cath Lab which allowed 6 x of their staff members.

Herewith some feedback received from Sr. Waheeda Howell, Unit Manager - Cath Lab, Vincent Pallotti Hospital:

What value has this training added to your lab and to yourself as the unit manager who now has staff members that have been trained in ACLS?
It is reassuring that I have a high performance team in resuscitation skills. This can only benefit the lab in its goal to being a centre of Cardiac Excellence. Being ACLS trained contributes to our continuous quality improvement to ensure best patient outcomes. I have seen differences in attitudes/behaviours from staff, which are all positive.

How has this affected your labs efficiency?
Absolutely - our lab independently attends to emergency situations, without calling the hospital code team. Staff who are less experienced at resuscitation needs to be supported by the more experienced nurse. This R/N team leader has a huge responsibility to lead an efficient and successful resuscitation. All nurses in Life Healthcare have to be BLS certified. The R/Ns taking the next step to the advanced training offered them an opportunity to gain insight, skills and confidence to handle emergency situations. Our call teams have two trained, skilled R/Ns, a Radiographer, and Technologist. This increases the expertise in the team as a whole, contributing to a high performance team in all aspects.

Has the course helped/contributed to daily and emergency cases?
The staff (September course) had an opportunity to put their newly learned skills to the test the next day , when the call team had to resuscitate a patient, successfully. The R/Ns approached the situation in the manner just learned over the weekend. They were thrilled about the systematic approach they followed. I must add that the rest of the call team and Cardiologist present were impressed. All of our Cardiologists were informed that the nurses are ACLS certified and I received only positive feedback regarding this. They feel reassured and supported, plus have a sense of pride that they work with skilled staff in the team.

The ACLS course is extremely beneficial and a much needed training in the Cath Lab environment.

Thank you to Medtronic for offering this invaluable opportunity.

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