ISCAP Durban Branch elects new Executive Committee

  • November 29, 2014

Branch Chairperson:  Noelene Nichols
Vice Chair:                   Selvan Govindasamy
Secretary:                     Hilary Gibbs
Additional Member:    Ameena Amod

I would also like to extend, a big, hearty thank you to Maxine Shanglee and everyone who assisted her the last 2 years. She was one of the first people to raise her hand and volunteer, way back in the early days of the Society.

I would like to wish you all well. This has been an upward trajectory for us here in Gauteng.

The support and respect for the Society from both the medical and industry sectors has been positive at all times.I have no doubt that you will enjoy the same support from the Durban sectors.

Many thanks to Craig and Malcolm from Torque Medical! It is this generosity which makes the ISCAP initiative possible.

Gill Longano

ISCAP: Vice Chair

Some of the delegates having a chat!

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