ISCAP Newsflash: Sharing is the heart of education

  • January 01, 2013 | Dianne Kerrigan – Chairperson: ISCAP

Theme: Sharing is the heart of education

Our main aims for 2013 are:

  • To consolidate the committees in all regions and Exco to hold monthly meetings.
  • To expand Exco committee members with technologists and radiographers.
  • To aim for at least four workshops in each region for the year.
  • To send staff on the assessors' course. (Netcare is interested in establishing a Cath Lab Course whereby Netcare covers the theory and ISCAP covers the practicals.) Interested members can apply via e-mail:
  • To decide on a name for the course – all suggestions are welcome.
  • To distribute passports at regional workshops to paid-up ISCAP members.
  • To network, when attending congresses – locally and internationally.
  • To establish a course which will have training opportunities for Registered Nurses and Enrolled Nurses, Technologists and Radiographers
  • To continue dialogue with Netcare and the Foundation for Professional Development to ensure that a credible and sustainable course is developed.
  • To have a Comprehensive Cath Lab Manual which can be used as part of this course.
  • To encourage hospital groups to continue to offer sponsorship to all their staff – locally and internationally.
  • To meet and liaise with all hospital groups to establish a collaborative relationship whereby the staff working in cath labs will be recognised for their work.
  • To assist and participate when companies are setting up workshops, i.e. ISCAP events.

I would like to extend a word of thanks to all those who worked hard in 2012 to help lay the foundations of ISCAP. A special word of thanks needs to go to George and Sanette, who have been our "lighthouse". And a gigantic thank you to those companies who came on board to wish us bon voyage and to support us on our journey of discovery.

We are ready to set sail in 2013!

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