ISCAP Newsletter November 2013 (Annual Report)

  • November 20, 2013


I would like to thank my EXCO Committee for a fruitful year, as I believe that the goals that we set for 2013 have been achieved!
The Regions / Chapters throughout the country and Namibia have forged ahead with the workshops and realised that it can be done.  The response and feedback from the Workshop has only been positive. The momentum is continually growing, and being maintained throughout the country.
Many thanks to the Industry for the part they have played in making all the workshops successful.
I would also like to thank Sanette Zietsman (MSM), as she has steered our society, ensuring that we remain on course and that the Workshops are CPD accredited and well organised.
The Interventional Cardiovascular Programme at Netcare is into its second month and we have had positive feedback. ISCAP has realised in order for it to be successfully recognised as a cath lab course, the input from the experienced cath lab staff is crucial.  Our connections with industry have also proved to be invaluable when needing to set up device workshops and wet labs. Although the theory is very important, cath lab is an interventional area and thus a major part of the course needs to be practical.  By creating a Cath Lab course we are gaining the recognition as a specialty and thus forging creating the recommendations and standards that will guarantee our sustainability.
ISCAP’s new venture in Africa is definitely AfricaPCR. The PCR motto: “Innovation in education at work”, comes to mind. On 17 October, ISCAP EXCO was honoured to have a meeting with Marc Doncieux (CEO, Europa Organisation). We were able to ask questions and he advised us on how to ensure that our first AfricaPCR will be a success! The EuroPCR Mission is “To provide superior care to our patients by helping the cardiovascular community share knowledge, experience and practice.” ISCAP’s role in AfricaPCR 2014 is to uphold the values of the EuroPCR Congress: Integrity, Responsibility and Excellence and has been given the responsibility for the Allied Professionals Programme, AfricaPCR 2014.
It is YOUR Course, as it will be entirely designed and delivered BY and FOR YOU where YOU can share collective medical ‘know how’ in an enabling environment.
Roll on March 2014! Then, we will be heading to Paris and SA Heart!!
In the words of Farrel Hellig, the President of SASCI, “A Society is only as strong as its members and is highly dependent on individuals willing to get involved to influence the environment we operate in.’
Dianne Kerrigan
Chairperson, ISCAP
ISCAP regional feedback
The 2013 Gauteng training programme formed part of my brief as an exco member of ISCAP. It has been a steep learning curve and without the help and guidance of all our corporate members, George Nel and most especially, Sanette Zietsman, I would have been in trouble and I thank you all sincerely.

Gauteng ISCAP meetings are held monthly, are free of charge thanks to our corporate sponsors, carry CPD accreditation and not only provide training and new insights, but provide the Allied Professionals with an opportunity to network with their colleagues from other cath labs. Feedback from the meetings has been very positive. The support for the meetings (sometimes 70+ delegates per meeting) proves that ISCAP is on the right track. The cardiologists and other professionals were unstinting in their efforts to provide the highest quality of the presentations and training.

ISCAP successfully partnered with the Medtronic Rapid Exchange meetings, with Crossroads and with Boston's Rotablator Training program during 2013. Medtronic Africa, Amayeza Abantu and Crossroads all offered their premises free and without bias for these meetings which helped to contain costs.

The provisional programme for 2014 will be released early in January, with revision of some topics, new techniques introduced and explained, focus on ethical issues, and will include some paediatrics, hybrid lab procedures and more electro-physiology content. Topics offered and sponsored by Industry in Gauteng, are offered to other ISCAP regions, including Namibia, in order to bring about standardisation of procedures and protocols throughout all cath labs.
Gill Longano
ISCAP Vice chairperson and education portfolio
The year started in Cape Town with a visit to the Cycle of Life Body World Exhibition at the Waterfront in January followed by the Annual SA Heart Congress joined with the 6th Annual World Paediatric Congress at the Cape Town ICC in February.  On April 20th Gail Boiskin gave us a very practical lecture on the radiological views and anatomical angles used to view the coronaries and grafts. Good tips on where to look for what. May took ISCAP members up to Johannesburg for the managers update, which was very entertaining, while some attended the Crossroads at beautiful Stellenbosch. In June we had a lecture on Anatomical Views and Artery Take Off, and Diagnostic and Interventional Tools. Boston Scientific in August brought a well attended evening on various cardiac interventional procedures and topics and enlightening info on the labour law. In November we had our final meeting for the year on IABP’s by Erica Visagie from Surgical Innovations.
, January will see Cape Town start the year off with an ECG talk and question session which has been widely requested by our members.
Melanie Winter
Secretary CT Region
Our Cathlab here in Windhoek is the only private institution and has to cater for all patients with medical aid, private patients including tourists from as far as from the US, Europe and Angola. 
We are dealing with all sorts from Angiograms, PCI, Peripheral Vascular Stenting, ASD, VSD CLOSURE, and every now and then becoming a Hybrid lab deploying Aortic Stent Grafts. You can imagine how busy it gets here with our very energetic Cardiologist on board and equally energetic Cathlab staff.
Together with Medtronic and Axim we organized a CPD accredited training workshop on 14 October 2013, from 10h00 to 16h00 at the Roman Catholic Hospital in Windhoek. Our target group was all nursing staff, radiographers, techs and medical practitioners and the following topics were discussed:
• Basic Coronary Angiography  Interpretation
• Assessment and Management of Patients with Diabetes Mellitis
• Myocardial Infarction
• Basic overviews of ECG’s
• Basics of Pacing
• Contrast Induced Nephropathy

The workshop was very successful.  30 staff members of the various hospitals in Windhoek including nurses, techs and rads attended.
It really brought the message across well judged by the interaction between the attendees and presenters and the number of questions asked. 
The presenters did a good job and we are so grateful to Medtronic and Axim, coming all the way to share their expertise. The topics on Contrast Induced Nephropathy (CIN) and Pacing carried a lot of weight.  The response after the lectures was great followed by a discussion on experiences from nurses gained nursing patients who underwent these procedures.
Catherine de Klerk
Namibia region
Durban has not been an idle onlooker and contributed greatly to education and held the following educational workshops in 2013:
May 22/23 Advance Workshop- Rotational Atherectomy, sponsored by Boston Scientific where the following topics were presented
• 2 days hands on workshop
• Hands on sessions with Rotablator consumables and console
• Talk on Rotablation

May 25 Back to Basics workshop, Sponsored by Torque Medical with topics including:
• Radiation safety in the Cardiac cath lab
• ECGs to look out for in the Cardiac cath lab
• Scrub / floor sister duties in the Cardiac cath lab
• Complications in the Cardiac cath lab

13/14 September – Crossroads workshop weekend conference that covered a variety of topics
• Case presentations Dr Dawood and Kettles
• Vascular reparative therapy
• Stemi
• PCI guided by FFR
• Case presentations the good the bad and the ugly
• Hands on models
• Angiosomes: Below the knee intervention
• Deep vein thrombosis
• Considerations/ principles for salvage of AV Fistula
• Diabetic foot
• How to create a successful financial future

9 November – Cardiac cath lab update, sponsored by Medtronic with ethics cpd accreditation:
• ECG’s – Dr Hansa
• Radiation update
• Malpractice Insurance
• Introduction to Trans radial Intervention

Durban will end the year’s education workshops with another CPD accredited Rotablator meeting, sponsored by Boston Scientific and presented by dr Chris Zambakides on 30 November at Inkosi Albert Luthuli Central Hospital.

With so much to learn and so much to teach we are excited about what 2014 will bring.

Maxine Shanglee
Durban region

The educational boat set sail in Port Elizabeth as well. They had a Heart Week- program sponsored by various industry supporters which included a full day cardiac program with a lecture on acute coronary syndrome by Dr Potts, a lecture on healthy eating habits and lifestyle changes and an introduction on pacemakers and ablation therapy, to mention a few interesting topics. ISCAP’s chair person, Dianne Kerrigan, represented ISCAP and gave a talk on “Life in the cath lab”. The week was a huge success and the attendees, presenters and sponsors enjoyed this initiative.

Marina Meyer – Eastern Cape region

Bloemfontein started their education this year on 17 April with a motivational meeting sponsored by Torque Medical, followed by a meeting on 19 June on Counter Pulsation Therapy – New Technologies and Trends, sponsored by Surgical Innovations. On 23 -24 August Crossroads held a Coronary and Endovascular Allied Professionals Program with Dr Tom Mabin as the course director. On 5 October Boston Scientific sponsored a 3 points cpd accredited meeting on Transcatheter Aortic Valve Implantation (TAVI), Percutaneous Pulmonary Valve and Endo Vascular Aortic Replacement (EVAR).

The feedback from the workshops held was very positive. The following comments were received:
• The attendees enjoyed the talks, want follow up meetings on Post Patient Care in the ICU's.
• Training needs for other procedures, e.g. Carotid Stents, Infection Control in the Cath Labs and Legal issues (consents)
• Noted that the doctors appreciated the team in their Lab's.
• The aim to have a meeting for all the different labs, (vascular, paediatric and
Cardiology) addressing the different needs.
• Big need for involvement of the ICU staff in patient care, but also to recruit staff for Cath Labs in the future.
• 40% of the people said that they cannot wait for the next ISCAP Workshop

Without the contributions of the ISCAP Corporate supporters, we cannot grow and achieve any of our goals. Thank you to Amayeza Abantu, Angio Quip, AstraZeneca, Aspen Pharmacare, Axim, Baroque Medical, Boehringer Ingelheim, Boston Scientific, B Braun, Biotronik, Cardiac Output, Cordis, Edwards, Medtronic, Paragmed, Surgical Innovations, Terumo, Torque Medical, Viking, Volcano and Zentiva.

Please contact Sanette Zietsman (ISCAP Office) at  or +2783 253 5212 if you want to learn more about these events or if you want to participate in any of the programs.

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