News release for SA Heart Congress

  • August 12, 2014

In addition to offering delegates a varied and comprehensive programme, the 2014 SA Heart Congress will also provide cardiologists the option of attending tracks covering special interest areas.

Pre-congress workshops 

Pre-congress workshops on Thursday, October 16th, will include the annual Cardiology Update for non-cardiologists; a Joint Mayo Clinic / SA Heart State of the Art Imaging Workshop; and a Peri-operative and Peri-interventional Transoesophageal Echocardiography (TOE) workshop by paediatric cardiologists.

Parallel sessions for Special Interest Groups

Parallel sessions throughout the congress will be open to delegates with an interest in topics covered by the following Special Interest Groups:
• South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention (SASCI)
• The Cardiac Arrhythmia Society of South Africa (CASSA)
• The Heart Failure Society of SA (HeFFSA)
• The SA Society for Cardiovascular Research (SASCAR)
• Cardiac surgery (SASG)

Breaking news from the European Society of Cardiology’s (ESC) Congress in Barcelona

For the first time, a dedicated team from the European Society of Cardiology (ESC) will be presenting at SA Heart Congress. They will share some of the key clinical issues (hot topics) and late-breaking clinical trials from their 2014 Congress in Barcelona, to take place shortly before the SA Heart Congress in October this year.

Dedicated programme for paediatric cardiologists

A dedicated and highly comprehensive programme will be run for paediatric cardiologists throughout the duration of the SA Heart Congress.

On Friday, October 17th, the focus will be on how to provide a service and make difficult decisions when resources are limited (Drs Krishna Kumar, India and Liesl Zühlke (SA).

On Saturday, October 18th, various aspects of congenital heart disease will be discussed in the morning by speakers who include Drs Kumar and Tim Jones (UK).  The afternoon session will focus on single ventricle physiology and will cover the evaluation and monitoring of patients over their lifetime, surgical techniques, and the anaesthetising and imaging of Fontan patients for non-cardiac procedures.

The morning of Sunday, October 19th has been dedicated to an interactive session covering some of the more challenging percutaneous interventions in congenital heart disease. This workshop will include:
• Percutaneous closure of peri-membranous VSDs
• Ballooning and stenting of branch pulmonary arteries
• Percutaneous closure of PDAs safely in infants below five kg; and
• PDA stenting.

Comprehensive ISCAP programme for allied professionals

Allied professionals will not only benefit from the pre-congress workshops of relevance to them this year, but also from a dedicated track on Friday and Saturday focusing on the following topics:

• ECG interpretation in STEMI and NSTEMI
• AMI experience in thrombolysis and PPCI in both public and private settings
• Non-atherosclerotic causes of AMI
• The current role of GPllbllla
• Syntax score
• An update on the STEMI Early Reperfusion Project
• Challenges facing emergency medical services
• The presentation, discussion and review of three case studies
• Arrhythmias and pacing in an AMI setting
• The role of thrombectomy and PPCI
• Bleeding complications following AMI
• How IVUS/FFR/OCT can improve patient outcomes

Something for everyone

The 2014 SA Heart Congress will ultimately cater for all medical professionals with a special interest in cardiovascular disease, whom scientific programme director, Dr Sajidah Khan emphatically states “The cardiac community cannot afford to miss the event. The faculty line-up is outstanding and they have condensed the most up-to-date information into just 3,5 days.

“An added bonus is that Durban is one of the few cities in the world where you find a major urban metropolis located within a sub-tropical resort!”

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