Resistant Hypertension Course 2014 for the Hypertension Teams

  • December 03, 2013

The objectives of Resistant Hypertension Course 2014 are:
• To identify the different steps and diagnostic tools that can and do influence our decision-making process.
• To determine the most appropriate decision-making process to provide the "essentials" to optimally manage a difficult to control hypertensive patient.
• To discuss the appropriate selection process for various non-interventional therapies and novel interventional techniques.
During the Course, an innovative setup will be introduced, interactive case-based sessions will allow integration of all aspects of patient management, a new format to discuss the various devices will be introduced and a new panel member presented. Remaining faithful to the founding concept of providing a highly interactive Course, developed BY you and FOR you, built on the following principal philosophies:

- at the core of course contents and learning outcomes is the patient, as an individual;

- at the heart of education is sharing experience;

- at the source of better patient care is a multidisciplinary team approach;

we invite you to join us as hypertension teams, with colleagues from clinical cardiology, nephrology, internal medicine, endocrinology, interventional medicine and other concerned specialties, to share knowledge and exchange experience around best clinical practices in the management of a patient with difficult to control hypertension. We look forward to meeting you and discussing with you, once again in Berlin, next February.

Read the RHC 2014 Newsletter

Programme at a-glance RHC 2014


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