SASCI Educational Grant Application Portal 2018

  • February 20, 2018 | SASCI Educational Grant Application Portal 2018


SASCI and ISCAP Member,

It is herewith a pleasure to open the first ever SASCI Educational Grant Application portal! The portal will open on 16 February and close on 23 February with notification to applicants by 2 March.

Please do submit your application to be considered. 

SASCI - AfricaPCR Course 2018 Grant Application


Some background: The recent rule in Eucomed (in Europe) and SAMED (in South Africa) environment prohibits direct sponsorship of any Healthcare Professionals (HCP) to 3rd party congresses and course by industry.  This came into full effect in South Africa on 1 January 2018. This means that no Industry member may sponsor Medical Doctors, Radiographers, Technologists, Nurses or other HCP through direct selection and approach. Independent third parties will manage the process to ensure fair distribution of sponsorship made available by industry members. Health Professionals will have to apply for sponsorship through these third-parties (which could be Congress Organisers such as Europa Organisation, Health Care Organisation such as a Medical Society such as SASCI and a Hospital to name a few).

SASCI believes that it is in our members best interest to offer a credible and viable vehicle to manage these funds. SASCI will manage grants through our society infrastructure (selection, award and ultimately logistics) which we believe will create a reliable and transparent approach to effectively manage funds to reach appropriate and deserving candidates. SASCI has more than 15 years’ experience in handling similar educational grants to both local and internationally meetings and we believe that we can successfully manage these sponsorships.

Support from industry towards attendance of both local - and international congresses and courses has been crucial to ensure the high standard of local practice and has been a most valued contribution by industry over many years. SASCI wish to thank the following companies for their support: Amayeza Abantu Biomedical, Biotronik, Boston Scientific, Disa Life Sciences and Medtronic with SASCI also own funds as well.


The Process:

  1. The sponsoring company specified specific selection criteria to guide applicant selection (including practitioner profile, hospital, regions, procedures performed etc.)   
  2. The allocation of sponsorship will be structured to ensure that appropriate Health Care Professional receives grant support and that funding is distributed fairly.
  3. Consideration will be given to applicant’s involvement with the Society, contribution to AfricaPCR (as convener, faculty, case or abstract presenter), contribution to ongoing education (as faculty or proctor).
  4. Part sponsorships may also be considered to optimise available funding.
  5. In addition, year on year support to the same congress would require special consideration to ensure a fair and equitable exposure of all persons to the major meetings, both locally and internationally.
  6. Please be assured that your application and information will be kept confidential.


We ask our members and colleagues to support us during this transition period. We hope to raise substantially more grant funding, but we will stretch what we have as far as possible. Please do contact George Nel at SASCI Office if you need clarification

Cell: 083 458 5954



Kind regards,





































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