• August 15, 2015

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Some of the Fellows enjoying the winter sun while networking

Since 2005 the SASCI Coronary and Vascular Workshop for fellows and junior consultants’ meeting has proven to be a resounding success. This is an integral part of SASCI’s public and private partnership which exposes “cardiologists in training” to operators in private sector practice as well as colleagues from other public sector units in South Africa and beyond. This event was once again attended by 80% of Cardiology Fellows in South Africa as well as a few recently qualified South African cardiologists and 5 colleagues from Ethiopia, Mauritius and Kenya; 40 doctors and 20 industry members in total.   

The host site for 2015 was Netcare Unitas Hospital with Drs Jean Vorster and Cobus Badenhorst as the conveners and the faculty members were: Jean Vorster, Dave Kettles, Gavin Angel, Chris Zambakides, Cobus Badenhorst, Farrel Hellig, Adie Horak and Shaheen Pandie.

Download the presentations:


Coaxial Catheter Engagement

Fellows: Complications

Inferior STEMI complicated by complete heart block

Planning the procedure: What to do if your first choice fails

Radial Access, Angiography and Intervention

Radial or femoral access?

THROMBUS ASPIRATION: Practical and Technical aspects


ST THOMAS Dr Vachiat 2015: Feedback






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