ISCAP Newsflash: Spirit of Adventure

  • June 11, 2013 | Dianne Kerrigan – Chairperson: ISCAP


Cape Town continues to sail through meetings and workshops, encouraging everyone to crest the wave with them. Durban started their workshops on a high note with two meetings in May which were well received. The Back to Basics meeting was attended by more than 50 delegates. Bloemfontein set sail in June with 2 meetings being planned, while Gauteng has been very active this year.

Date Venue Topic Sponsor
26 January Cape Town Radiography Views & Radiographic Anatomy  
20 April Cape Town Basic Anatomy & Radiographic Views Baroque
22 and 23 May Durban Introduction To Rotational Artherectomy Boston Scientific
25 May Durban Back to Basics Torque Medical
19 June Bloemfontein Counter Pulsation Therapy Cordis
23 and 24 August Bloemfontein Coronary and Endovascular Allied Professionals' Programme Crossroads
9 March Gauteng Protecting the heart and its Rhythm in the Cathlab Sanofi/Winthrop
20 April Gauteng Intra-aortic Balloon Pump and Emergency Drugs Used in Cath Lab Aspen Pharmacare
Surgical Innovations
25 May Gauteng Introduction To Rotational Artherectomy Boston Scientifi
8 June Gauteng Clintech EP and Pacing Amayeza
22 June Gauteng FFR and IVUS Volcano
20 July Gauteng TAVI Edwards and Medtronic

I attended a Crossroads Workshop in Port Elizabeth where I was able to meet and mingle with cath lab staff from East London and Port Elizabeth. Staff who attended appreciated being given their own workshop, as it enabled more of them to take part, instead of a select few flying to Johannesburg. I was also able to give my presentation on the Transradial Approach, as a pre-run for my presentation in Paris. The entire experience made me aware of the preparation and work involved in giving a good presentation. Amy and Nick from Crossroads assisted me in gaining the knowledge and skills required to be successful.

Rapid Exchange Unit Managers Workshop, held on 11 May was a great success with 44 representatives/Unit Managers from Cath labs across South-Africa and Namibia attending. Thank you to Medtronic for initiating and for facilitating it. We all realized that we need to be leaders and managers. The feedback we collated after the meeting had an overall score of 95% or more on all aspects measured. I do believe that all involved can be very proud of the effort. We are looking forward to the REF meetings that are being planned in all the areas mentioned.


Weather forecast outside: cold and rainy; Inside Euro PCR: warm and vibrant – just too many good lectures, at the same time, so it was difficult even for a multi-tasking woman to attend all of them.

Thank you to all the South Africans who came to listen to my talk. It was greatly appreciated. Also, to those back home who I know were there in spirit! My presentation was part of the Allied Professional Programme which was held over three days. It was a great experience, and I was proud to be representing Africa. I hope that another ambassador will be able to take the podium and present at EuroPCR next year.

There was also a SASCI session chaired by Dr G Cassel, in which Dr N Patel and Dr M Abelson presented. In the main arena, Dr F Hellig from Sunninghill Hospital Cath Lab performed two live cases.

Part of EuroPCR was the Peripheral Interventional Programme. It was a new programme, created by a panel which included a vascular surgeon, an interventional radiologist and an interventional cardiologist. The aim of the programme was to demonstrate how a multi-disciplinary approach in which different specialties working together can improve success rates and performance. ISCAP aims to train allied professionals who can also become skilled in cardiology and endovascular to become part of the multi-disciplinary team.

Next year in March the first AfricaPCR is taking place in Cape Town and ISCAP will be clearly visible and active at the congress. Please let the ISCAP office know what topics you would like more training on. We are also expanding into Africa to include colleagues from Kenya, Mauritius and Namibia.

ISCAP Cath Lab Manual

This manual should be available by the end of the year.

Cath Lab Course

Course assessors are being trained and proposals are in progress.

I would like to congratulate all those who have been involved in organising the workshops, especially those who are part of industry. Many people have given up their time on weekends and evenings to train staff.

The first Teleconference took place on 10 June. We hope to have these every two months so that contact with the regions can become more established.

If you need more information contact the ISCAP office at or call 083 253 5212.


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