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ISCAP Newsflash: Sharing is the heart of education

  • 2013 January, 01 | Dianne Kerrigan – Chairperson: ISCAP | Category: ISCAP

Our main aims for 2013 include consolidation of committees in all regions and Exco to hold monthly meetings.

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ISCAP Western Cape: November 2012 Newsflash

  • 2012 November, 01 | Liezel la Grange – Chairperson: ISCAP Western Cape | Category: ISCAP

This year has been a truly extraordinary one. As a team we have successfully introduced ISCAP to the Western Cape and reached great heights.

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ISCAP Newsflash: First regional ISCAP meeting in Durban

  • 2012 October, 01 | Dianne Kerrigan – Chairperson: ISCAP | Category: ISCAP

On Saturday 6 October, Craig Goodburn of Torque Medical organised the first regional ISCAP meeting in Durban.

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ISCAP Newsflash: Johannesburg Exco and other regional meetings

  • 2012 September, 01 | Category: ISCAP

A big thank you to all the SASCI / ISCAP members. It was a fantastic year, with great developments. As a society we are going from strength to strength.

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ISCAP Newsflash: Cape Town’s first workshop

  • 2012 August, 20 | Dianne Kerrigan – Chairperson: ISCAP | Category: ISCAP

On 18 August, I was fortunate to be able to travel to Cape Town to join the ISCAP chapter, for their first workshop. I would like to congratulate the committee for being the first region to host a workshop.

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