The South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention (SASCI) is a non-profit, registered, Section 21 company formed in 2003.

The society's principle objective is to further the education of cardiologists still in training and to create continuous professional development opportunities for those already in practice.

The society also acts in an advisory capacity to funders, industry, members and government on subject matters relating to interventional cardiology.

SASCI Visiting Professor Program 2018 – Final Word from world renowned Prof David R Holmes

The SASCI VPP 2018 concluded at the SASCI Annual Fellows Workshop and AfricaPCR 2018. Prof Holmes contributed to both programs providing the South African Cardiology community with world-class lectures, discussions and debates.

The saying “time flies when you’re having fun” became a reality to SASCI when we realized it was time to say goodbye to our 2018 Visiting Professor after an intensive and exciting two-month journey. Herewith the final words from Prof Holmes and his wife, Virginia:

“How does one begin to bring closure to a two-month window, a two-month extra-ordinary experience and adventure which has been visited on us and which we in turn have visited?  A series of visual images of an amazing landscape of an astounding environment; a series of emotional images of an amazing landscape of people and patients; a series of profound images of a landscape of medical care with all its complexity, opportunities and challenges; a visual and mental image of what could be and what should be.”

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Submission by the South African Society of Cardiovascular Intervention - HMI Tariff Determination Project

SASCI welcomes the opportunity to participate in this part of the Health Market Inquiry (HMI), addressing the issue of price determination. It has noted the HMI’s document on this regard, as well as the submissions made on Friday, 13 October 2017, by various stakeholders on this matter. 

As a matter of background, SASCI wishes to raise the following as relevant to the current HMI project, as it shows how the fixation on line items and specific codes and tariffs are frustrating to doctors, and possibly not in the best interest of patients

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Interventional Society for Cathlab Professions

ISCAP (Interventional Society of Cath Lab Allied Professionals) is an active Working Group of the South African Society of Cardiovascular Interventions (SASCI). ISCAP is dedicated to emphasizing quality standards; establishing of criteria for credentialing and developing guidelines for training in cardiac/paediatric catheterisation/ electrophysiology and endovascualar laboratories.

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